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Download Ascend by Swati MH ePub novel free. “Ascend” is an addicting story that can help the reader pass the time. Having this book you couldn’t ask for anything because it can easily keep your attention. The author this books gives her best to entertain the reader with their creative work. Having this amazing novel gives full of enjoy.

Ascend by Swati MH Review

Ascend written by Swati MH which was published in March 9, 2023. You can read this before Ascend PDF EPUB full Download at the bottom. Seriously, is there anything better than an alpharoll hero who’s all in and determined to win his girl? I adore all of Swati’s heroes, but Garrett Meyer is the crème de la crème, the pièce de résistance, the ultimate swoon, the quintessential cherry on top of all book boyfriends! His only problem is his reputation as a player. It doesn’t matter that he’s only had eyes for one girl since the day he met her four years ago, that pesky reputation follows him every-dang-where. And Bella hasn’t given Garret a chance to prove he’s more than an outdated reputation. Yes, he’s amazing with her young daughter, Meera, but Bella has Garrett squarely allocated to the friend zone. Destiny has a way of smiling on Garrett, however, when he and Bella get married to protect Meera against a decidedly sleezy baby daddy who is determined to enter the picture. With their new cozy family picture, Garrett finally has a chance to show Bella just how serious he is about her. But he certainly has his work cut out for him.Ascend by Swati MH

Brief Summary of Ascend

Garrett is a surprise. He wants to drop his past like his player days were a flash fire. He knows what he wants and he is going to have to work hard for it. But he also know what it is worth. I love the scenes between he and little Meera. I love that Bella is strong and smart and knows she needs to protect her heart but I absolutely adore when she decides to try to let Garrett in. Their story has so much emotion and so much sweet. I love how Garrett is with Grams. The secondary characters are meaningful and pertinent. The writing is strong and very well done.

eBook Details

Before you start Complete Ascend by Swati MH Download, you can read below technical ebook details:

  •  Novel Title: Ascend
  •  Author: Swati MH
  •  Language: English
  •  Formats: PDF/ePub
  •  Status: Available for Download
  •  Genre: Asian American Literature
  •  Price: Free
  •  File Size: 1 MB
  • Publish Date: March 9, 2023

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